R.C. Pro Am – Nintendo

R.C. Pro-Am was developed by Rare as a remote-control car racing simulator. R.C. Pro-Am was released in March if 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo directly. It was also released in April of the same year. The game was designed in a isometric perspective as a single player remote control car racing game. The game has been noted in multiple top ten best Nintendo game lists around the world.

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R.C. Pro-Am is a high paced single player remote control car racing simulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You race around 24 different tracks trying to beat computer cars to the finish. There are many power ups, weapons, and obstacles to maneuver around during the race. There are 3 types of cars to race, and 3 different heats to work thru. Missiles and bombs help battle your way to the top racer. Picking up car enhancements from the track is a sure way to quickly power up your car to enable you to beat even the fastest computer players. Collecting letter power ups to spell Nintendo will move you thru all heats and car types. You have to place in the top three positions to continue to the next race. Fast paced, rip roaring fun while you slide around corners, and slam into other racers during your battle to the top.


The main goal of each track is to finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place to continue to the next track. Collecting power ups such as higher top speed, super sticky tires, and turbo acceleration help improve vehicle performance. These power ups stay for the entire time you are in the same car class, and are displayed in-between races. There are three classes to go thru starting with trucks, then four wheelers, then finally fastest off-road vehicles. To move from one class to another you must collect the letters on the course that will show up in the middle lower of screen as letters that eventually spell Nintendo. When you collect enough to spell Nintendo, you move into the next class, and all of your powerups go away. The game ends if you place 4th or lower. There is a total of 2 continues possible, but all your points are lost on continuing.

Players can also collect weapons in the form of bombs, and missiles. The missiles fire straight ahead of the vehicle. When the missiles strike another racer, that racer spins out and is knocked aside. The bombs shoot out the rear of your vehicle with the same result when striking opponent racer. Extra ammunition is collected by running over stars on the track. The number of missiles, or bombs, held passes over to the next race if not used in the current race. Roll cages also are a pickup that protects the players vehicle from crashes, and enables them to ram other cars of the road just by contacting them. This power up has a short time limit before it goes away.

Other objects on the coarse can help or harm the progress of the player vehicle. Red zipper arrows speed up the vehicle to max speed for a short time. Puddles slow down the vehicle to a crawl temporarily. Oil slick will send your vehicle flying into the wall or of course, and may result in a wrecked vehicle. Rain squalls also slow down, and disrupt the players race path. Pop Up barriers suddenly pop in front of the player causing the vehicle to wreck. Running over Skulls decrease the amount of ammo held by one. Over use of weapons can cause the yellow car to accelerate to max speeds of 127 mph quickly lapping all racers if not stopped by a well place weapon shot.

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Cheat Codes

Infinite Continues AAEIPPPA or AASIUAPA
8 continues AEXEPPZE or AAUAGZZE
5 continues IEXEPPZA or IAUAGZZA
Maximum turbo on first pick-up GEUGAPPA or GAOGOAPA
Maximum tyres on first pick-up GEKKGPPA or GAXKSAPA
Maximum speed on first pick-up GAVGIPPA or GEKGTYPA
Double turbo on first pick-up ZEUGAPPA or ZAOGOAPA
Double tires on first pick-up ZEKKGPPA or ZAXKSAPA
Double speed on first pick-up ZAVGIPPA or ZEKGTYPA
CPU cars go crazy SXVLGZAK or SZKLOPAK


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R.C. Pro-Am sold 2.3 million copies worldwide and help lead Rare into being a major developer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It has appeared in many best game lists for the Nintendo Entertainment System all over the world.


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