Classic Returns

We are back with a passion! We have looked at our traffic reports, and responses from our fans. We have found that the time and design where our site was the most popular is when we where in our 2nd and 3rd year. We had a very clean and simple design, with little or no advertising. We have recently decided to move to this look and feel for the new 1UpGame. Hopefully it will go better than the New Coke of the 80’s did. We have stopped selling items on our site anymore. We will be posting factual and in-depth articles about technology and products of the past to present. 1UpGame hopes to again become your go to for correct detailed information about the games you love, and hate alike. We will offer simple links to 

buy games from our Amazon, or eBay stores, and others we trust. We want to help you find the product you’re looking for, and want you to do so with ease and security.

1Up Volunteers, and Editors have a huge job of going thru the hundreds of classic game reviews we once had posted. We will be going back to detailed game descriptions that may include, box art, instruction manuals, hint guides, screen shoots, walkthrus, reviews, cheat codes, and any other information we can find. We do not want to only give you the game title, and leave it up to you to make the content work. We are not a wiki… and will never be, but we will hand select from our collectors who have a great skill at the art of the pen. We hope to reconnect with all the greats we chatted with in the past, such as Walter Day and his crew.

There is a lot to come of our site, and we should have never went full commercial. It tainted our credibility, and reputation in favor for profits…. This will never happen again. Clean, direct, accurate, unbiased, informative articles that help you understand the product and where it came from. The makers information, and bios, to the manufacturing flaws it may have had. We want to cover all the classic games on console, and PC both, including hardware.

Thank You

Joshua A. Carnes